Available pick guards can be purchased at my Reverb Store by following the link above.

No custom orders available until further notice.


$55.00 each, plus shipping

How to Order:

Custom Shapes:

No custom orders available until further notice.

Please note:

The “Tinted” or “Sunburst” pickguards are shaded using tinted nitrocellulose lacquer.  They are then over sprayed with clear nitrocellulose lacquer, prior to buffing and polishing.  The finish on the “Tinted” pickguards will show finish checking, finish crazing, spider webbing, or whatever your favorite term for this may be.  It looks fine when replacing a guard on a vintage guitar, because the crazing fits right in with the old vintage finish.  Some people don’t prefer this when they are installing the pickguard on a new guitar.  However, there is no way that I am aware of to avoid the finish crazing if you want a tinted guard.  The way to avoid it is to install the “Natural” or “Un-tinted” pickguard.  The natural ones have no lacquer on them.  The hard resin finish is buffed and polished and will not show any signs of crazing.

Standard Sizes Available

The price for a standard size finished pick guard is $55.00 plus shipping.   Standard size is anything that can be cut from a 5” X 7 ½” blank.  We usually ship by USPS Priority flat rate box. Each box will hold up to 8 of the standard size pick guards.  The price for the flat rate box for the U.S. is $7.00.  Canada is $32.00 per box.  Most international locations are $34.00 per box.  Other locations, or larger pick guards, will be priced as requested.

Update 3/29/2016…..Due to the USPS recent rate increase on international Priority Mail, you may want to consider having it shipped first class regular mail.  The cost then would be $15.00 for an envelope.

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In Europe, our Firestripe Pick Guards are available from:

The Fellowship Of Acoustics

Bergenthiem, Netherlands

Fire stripe pick guards


Tiger stripe